Visiting the Spa Rukaland is a truly unique experience. The beautiful wilderness landscape and the fell Rukatunturi on the horizon are unforgettably picturesque. You can enjoy the heat of the sauna stove either in the luxury sauna or in the dimness of the smoke sauna. You can cool down refreshingly in the outdoor hot tubs, or you could take a dip in the lake.

Rukan paras sauna

Luxury sauna

The heat source in this luxury sauna is a sight in itself: the massive stove built from soapstone has been decorated throughout with works of art. You can also see the craftsmanship in the materials used in the sauna. The unique lighting and the sound system create the perfect ambience for the sauna, depending on your preferences. Up to 20 people can enjoy the heat of the sauna at the same time. Make your reservation here or contact our client service!

Rukan paras takkatupa ja sauna

Fireplace room

In addition to the atmospheric lounge areas, the fireplace room of the luxury sauna is situated in the vicinity of well-equipped and spacious washrooms and dressing rooms. The large French windows have an uninterrupted view of the pristine waters of Lake Kitka, Konttainen hill, and the reindeer pens on the other side of the room. The luxurious fireplace room has been built using the best materials, lighting and sound system, with absolutely no compromise on quality.

Poreallas Rukalla

Outdoor hot tubs

The large terrace area of the spa is a heavenly place to cool down after enjoying the warmth of sauna. The luxurious hot tub on the terrace can fit six people, and as many people can enjoy the heated, illuminated tub. You can enjoy the scent of smoked reindeer drifting from the nearby smoking hut while relaxing in the recliners on the terrace. This spacious terrace can even double as a dancefloor, if necessary.

Rukan paras savusauna

Coming: Smoke sauna

Rukaland’s smoke sauna is heated for a long time and with love. It’s evident as this sauna experience is beyond compare. Altogether ten people can enjoy this dim sauna, and the stylishly darkened walls of it have enough gentle warmth to last for several hours. Many people think that a smoke sauna is the best part of Finnish sauna culture, and enjoying the warmth of it is an unforgettable experience.

Majoitusta Rukan läheisyydessä

Overnight hut

You’re also welcome to spend the night at Rukaland. After all, what could be nicer than enjoying a good night’s sleep in the solitude of Finnish nature after a relaxing evening in the sauna, sated with delicious treats from the wilderness restaurant. The 85 m2 Rukaland overnight hut has one double bed and a bunk, with enough room for six people to sleep on reindeer hides and sleeping bags by the fireplace.

Rukan parasta savuporoa

Smoking hut

As this is a reindeer farm, the experience naturally includes tasty reindeer treats and other gifts from the Nordic nature. In addition to reindeer, Rukaland’s smoking hut can also be used for smoking mouth-watering treats from other game, and fresh fish from the pristine waters of Lake Kitka. The scent of smoke floating from the smoking hut and the pure flavours of game delicacies constitute Nordic gourmet at it best.

Ulkolaavu Rukalla

Other premises

There are also other premises at Rukaland that will make your stay even more comfortable and unforgettable, such as an outdoor shelter where you can enjoy a bonfire underneath a starry sky. Well-equipped indoor sanitary facilities bring additional comfort to your experience spa visit.

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