Established in 2013, Rukaland is a company offering sauna, restaurant and experience services, situated n the immediate vicinity of Ruka in Kuusamo, on the shores of Kitkajärvi. Our business has always been based on focusing on quality and customer comfort, as well as pleasantly surprising updates.

Rukaland’s experience spa was originally established as a reindeer farm. In addition to the reindeer pens, the farm now also has two sauna buildings, a wilderness restaurant, two outdoor shelters, an overnight hut, and other details that will make your visit even more comfortable. Rukaland offers a wide variety of experiences. In addition to reindeer herding, you can also experience activities like husky rides, fishing and hunting.

Rukaland is a unique experience centre. That is why it is perfect for corporate events as well as private get-togethers and family celebrations.

Collaboration with top professionals

Named after the chef Stefan Richter, this steak house serves world-class food. We also serve these meals at Rukaland’s wilderness restaurant!

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Kuusamo Wild Nature can offer you a quality accommodation in fully equipped traditional Finnish log houses. The cottages are located near the town of Kuusamo, ca. 900 km north from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Kuusamo Airport, only 15 km away from the cottages, receives daily flights from Helsinki.

The programme service company Outdoor Passion Finland is in charge of organising many outdoor activities at Rukaland. Would you be interested in an adventure under the midnight sun, in the middle of autumn colours, underneath the glimmering Northern lights, or the wonderland of the new growth season?

Near, but still far enough

Rukaland is located in the middle of wilderness, on the shores of Kitkajärvi. Although it’s hidden from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world, it’s still within easy reach.


To Ruka 12 km
To Kuusamo 37 km
To Kuusamo airport 37 km

By car, you can reach us via highway E63, from Kuusamo towards Kemijärvi.

The story of Rukaland goes back to the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, the Kuusamo area was a part of Kemi Lapland, which in turn was one of the six Lappish historical trade and taxation regions belonging to Sweden. At the time, many Sami people lived in this area for this reason, some of whom were also settled around Kiekerönmaa, in Takkusalmi. This is also the place where Rukaland is located today.

The Sami people were traditionally involved in hunting, fishing and reindeer herding. Meanwhile, the Sami people in Kuusamo supported themselves mainly by fishing and hunting for wild deer. The deer were caught by herding them to a deer grave and killing them there. One deer grave is situated right at the heart of Kiekerönmaa even today.

In the late 17th century, people from elsewhere in Finland started settling in Kuusamo, which gradually led to the disappearance of Sami culture. This also meant that deer hunting had to give way to reindeer husbandry and agriculture. Renowned reindeer herder families have been practicing reindeer husbandry at Kiekerönmaa-Rukaland already for five generations, and the story will continue.

Majestic deer antlers hanging in a place of honour on the wall are a reminder of the Sami period at Kiekerönmaa-Rukaland. Takkuniemi, situated right next to Rukaland, is also full of Sami history. Namely, it used to be a burial ground, which the Sami people of the area used as their final resting place…

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