Rukaland changes with the seasons. In winter, in addition to the sauna, you can also enjoy spending time with reindeer, huskies and engaging in different fast-paced activities. In spring, there is ice fishing on the sunny Lake Kitka. Fishing trips are the most popular activity in summer, while autumn visitors are keen to go to the forest. Rukaland offers a wide variety of experiences, and the day’s programme will always be planned with our visitors’ wishes in mind.

Porotilavierailu Rukalla

Reindeer farm

Winter/spring activity

Rukaland was originally a reindeer farm, and reindeer husbandry has been practiced here already for five generations. That’s why reindeer have a special status at Rukaland, and life on the farm still follows the reindeer’s yearly cycles. If you happen to arrive at Rukaland at the beginning of the reindeer year, in May, you may witness the birth of reindeer calves. On the other hand, in autumn, you may hear how the deer are rattling their antlers, and in winter, you can see how the reindeer are brought back home. Now is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience reindeer feeding or reindeer rides!

Huskysafarit Kuusamossa

Husky ride

Winter/spring activity

Huskies, the Arctic heroes of the North, are also included in Rukaland's winter and spring experiences. Known as sled dogs, huskies ensure that your experience day will entail plenty of quick turns and rapidly changing landscapes. Husky safari route selection is sure to include something suitable for everyone, and the length of the programme is always planned according to our visitors’ preferences. You can also become more acquainted with huskies at a husky farm, which is a fun way of getting to know the dogs’ daily routines and habits.

Talvikalastus Rukalla

Winter fishing

Winter activity

Anyone who’s ever held an ice fishing rod in their hand knows that the best way to spend a sunny winter’s day is to get out on a lake and try to catch fish. The ice of the snow-covered Lake Kitka starts right next to Rukaland, with plenty of fish to catch. In addition to a fishing rod, you can also try to catch fish with nets and seines. Picture an experience day with a midday fishing trip, a long sauna evening and dinner at a wilderness restaurant. This is as good as it gets!

Moottorikelkkasafari Rukalla

Snowmobile safari

Winter activity

There are heaps of snowmobile trails around Kuusamo, sure to include a suitable option for your level of experience. Test your skills on zig-zagging forest trails, see how fast you can go on a lake, or experience the exotic wilderness of the spectacular scenery in Salla, for example. After a safari day, you can share your experiences in the heat of a luxury sauna, and make toasts while fine dining at a wilderness restaurant.

Lumikenkäretki Rukalla


Winter activity

A peace-loving nature friend can best enjoy the true beauty of a wintery forest on a snowshoeing trail. Enjoy walking on the snow, experiencing the life in a remote forest while treading soundlessly. On such a peaceful journey, you will feel the deepest essence of a Nordic forest, hearing its sounds, smelling its smells and seeing all its beautiful details. When you go snowshoeing, it’s not about the destination but the journey itself.

Revontulet Rukalla

Northern lights spotting

Winter activity

Rukaland is situated far away from the commotion of the world and the urban seas of artificial lights. When the sun has set, the Nordic nature’s own lights carnival begins. Thousands of stars sparkle in the dark sky, and you can also often witness the spectacularly magical dance of the Northern lights. With a telescope, you can admire the show from the best seat.

Kesäkalastus Rukalla


Summer/autumn activity

Known for its large fish stock, Kitkajärvi is every fishing enthusiast’s experience destination number one every summer and autumn. Here, you can try whether you can hook up some vendace or a wild salmon. You might also catch whitefish, grayling, pike or perch. The fishing season at Kitka lasts throughout the summer, and the catches will get bigger towards autumn. You can try fishing with nets, trolling or fish traps. You can enjoy the catch of the day at a fish feast.

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