Kiekerönmaa is located at Takkusalmi by Lake Kitkajärvi, about 12 km from the Ruka Holiday Village. The Master of Kiekerönmaa, Huru-Ukko, watches over his ancient reindeer herd at Kiekerönmaa, and upholds the tradition of local hospitality: his visitors are offered only the best.


Kiekerönmaa is surrounded by a magnificent lake scenery, with a view across the lake over the Konttainen and Ruka fells. In summer, the visitors can enjoy our fine beach and the clear waters of Lake Kitkajärvi. In winter, Kiekerönmaa reveals a magical snow-covered scenery and a sky studded with hundreds of stars. In the gentle care of Kiekerönmaa’s Huru-Ukko, you will enjoy the tinkling of reindeer bells and the speed of a reindeer sled ride, relax by a real fire in a Lappish hut, and have a delicious meal made from the clean ingredients of the north.


At Kiekerönmaa, there are plenty of activities for everybody. Huru-Ukko’s country offers loads of fun for children and adults, and groups of co-workers. Kiekerönmaa is a great place to organize memorable company events and family gatherings. At Kiekerönmaa you will find:

  • Raindeer-farm_Kiekeronmaa_Kuusamo_sauna_tub-01Two warm Lappish huts
  • One tarpaulin hut
  • Two indoor toilets
  • One lean-to site
  • Best sauna in North

Overnighting is possible in one of the Lappish huts. There is one double bed (for 2 people), and a wide bunk bed that sleeps 6 people. There are also two long farmhouse dining tables.

Kiekerönmaa is open to order. Send us an offer request and you will receive an offer from us. We are happy to welcome you to Kiekerönmaa and hope to see you here soon!

Natural Beauty
The scenery surrounding Kiekerönmaa is exquisite – across the lake there is Konttainen, and behind it the Ruka Fell. In summer, our visitors can enjoy the fine beaches and clear waters of Lake Kitkajärvi.
Unforgettable Experiences
Kiekerönmaa is a place for leisure and enjoyment. Huru-Ukko’s reindeer roam their own pastures, and our huskies bid you welcome with their happy bark.
he Magic of the North
Surrounded by the magnificent lakeside scenery of Takkusalmi, the Master of Kiekerönmaa, Huru-Ukko, watches over his ancient reindeer herd, and upholds the local tradition of hospitality: his visitors are offered only the best.